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Most useful helping guide for indian stock market investors...!

From Investors point of view there are two reasons related for stock market investments.

1.  Multiply your funds with analyzing great opportunities by trading as of its own.

2 . Generate strong buy and strong sell calls within portfolio management parameters.

In market we have infinite numbers of investing options.  We need to think of how many of them are reliable with our needs.

Indian stock market is highly profitable market in the country where risk is involved too. For generating consistent profit we need to analyse all script chart in professional manner and invest logically.

To have a command over chart trading in stock market following four things are required. 
1. Fundamentals2. Patterns (all charts are made up of combination of patterns)3. Strategies. 4. Risk management. 
How to escape from risk zone while trading in stock market. 

There are two types of Investors as follows.

1. Short term 2. Long term
1. Short term Investors. 

Short term trader deals with intraday trading. It is the m…