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Practically Proven and Essential Steps To Dominate forex currency trading (for mature trader)


• Who: The faces of forex that shape market action
• Why: Understand the nature of forex, and its inherent opportunity
• Where: Matching your objectives to the optimal dealer
• What: Choosing a trading vehicle based on your investment premise
• When: Time your trades for maximum efficiency
• How: Select a toolkit that actually improves your trading ability


• Take an inventory of your personal trading plan
• Find solutions that can help you execute your plan, step by step


• Bad News: Successful trading is more work than you thought
• Good News: Everything you need to win is right at your fingertips

􀂃 Who trades forex?

Understand who participates in the markets, why they are successful, and how you can emulate them.

􀂃 Why trade forex?

There are superior returns in forex, but not for all investors. Are you one of them?

􀂃 Where should you trade?

Choose to work with service providers who can efficiently enable your style of trading.

􀂃 What should you trade?

Select the currenc…

Foreign currency trading for beginners : The Only Suggestion You Need to Now !

When you are starting as a trader, the initial months are very important. But more than that is the preparation that goes into it. You have to study the market, understand how it is analyzed, plan a strategy and then choose the kind of forex account in which you wish to trade. Here you can know only the theoretical implications of the industry. You must put them into practice before you begin your real time trading.

Start with a Demo Account

Make use of the risk free demo account to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of forex market.

Before creating a new account i.e. before beginning to trade with real money, you must first practice with a demo account. This kind of account uses virtual money. Spend all your waking hours in trading in this account. Learn the different tools and resources available to the trader and how you can use it so that you make good decisions.

Graduate To A Real Forex Account

Keep a comfortable margin in both  your real and demo accounts.

After practicing with…