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Full Guide : Easy way to determine forex trend....!

One of the first things a beginner is advised is, to keep an eye on the overall trend. The direction of the trend will tell you the direction of the Forex market. It will tell you whether you must buy or sell. Overall, trend means the trend or the direction of the currency pair in which you want to trade.

Given below are three ways you can easily identify the trend of the Forex market and stay forward.

Weekly chart

When you are following the movement of a currency pair, you must chart it at regular intervals of say, 15-20 minutes. Prepare a weekly chart of this periodical observation. The importance of this chart lies in the fact that over a period of time, you will get to know the overall trend of the Forex market. You will also observe that trends do not change frequently. 

In fact, some trends continue in the same direction for many years. An example of this consistent trend is the comparison of Euro with dollar from the years 2002-2006. The upward trend continued in the same direct…

Facts to Know About Forex rebates and spreads...

Forex Rebates are always engulfed into controversies. Most Forex traders are unable to determine whether they can actually reap profits by availing the option of Forex Rebate. 

Everyone wants to make a quick buck. In the quest to make easy money, more than often people are on the lookout for discounts and coupons. Whether they use it or not, they want to hold on to discount coupons, whether for Forex Trading or breakfast. While selecting a Forex Broker the above points need to be kept in mind.

Ways of Forex Rebate

More than often, the forex brokers will offer you forex rebate without you even realizing the same. Many traders are known to put a few dollars in your trading account while setting it up. This helps you to get your account established and start trading without many hiccups. That’s not all! Many traders would also provide you bonus money when you transact frequently.


It is necessary to know how a trader prices his spreads when you are shopping around for…